Taney Street Renaming to LeCount Street FAQ – (Updated December 2022)

Who decides if Taney Street’s name will be changed?

City Council decides.

City Council would write a bill (a proposal). The bill would go through a committee where the public may share their thoughts before City Council votes to make the bill a law. The law would change the street name from Taney to LeCount.

What is the process for renaming?

A group of Taney Street residents and neighbors worked with Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson’s staff to develop a community engagement process.

Nine civic associations and non-profits along Taney Street have endorsed the process.

The process includes door-to-door conversations, three online surveys, a town hall, many events on Taney Street,  a community-wide vote, and petition signatures.

The new name suggested by community-wide vote honors “Philadelphia’s Rosa Parks.” Caroline LeCount was an activist and educator.

What would residents need to do when the name is changed?

When a drivers license or I.D. expires, they must notify the DMV.

All residents will see a change in the street name, but the number will stay the same.

U.S.P.S. will continue to deliver mail to both the old name and the new name for 10 years, but likely longer.

The ZIP+4 will not change.

The change will be automatic with mapping services like Google and Apple Maps as well as with delivery services such as FedEx and UPS.

The change will be automatic with local utility companies, all City of Philadelphia Departments, County Government. 

Residents will NOT need to change their property deeds. Deeds are recorded by a parcel number, NOT street name.

Where can I send comments or suggestions? Where do I sign up for updates?

Sign up for the email list at www.renametaney.com.

Email info@renametaney.com or call (215) 948-2613.