Taney Street Renaming to LeCount Street FAQ

(Updated as of November 2022)

  1. Who is responsible for deciding if Taney Street’s name will be changed?

The decision to rename Taney Street, which has stood for 164 years, rests with Philadelphia City Council: A bill that includes a new name must be passed by Council in order to officially change the name. The bill can change all of Taney Street, or only portions of it.  The bill would go through a committee hearing and have an opportunity for public testimony before being brought to a vote.

  1. What is the process for renaming and how can I participate?

An all-volunteer residents’ group has worked with Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson’s staff to develop a community engagement process around the possibility of renaming Taney Street. The process has been endorsed by nine member organizations representing civic associations and non-profits along Taney Street.  The process included a Community Engagement Survey and a Virtual Town Hall.  A new name suggested by community-wide vote is LeCount Street, to honor “Philadelphia’s Rosa Parks,” activist and educator Caroline LeCount. 

The community engagement report can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/b9pyjpj4.

And more information on the process can be found at www.renametaney.com.

  1. What happens if not all neighborhoods wish to move forward with a name change?

If that’s the case, parts of Taney Street could remain, and other portions of the street could have a new name.  Discretion over street names has historically rested with the City Council’s district boundaries.  That said, the Rename Taney Coalition feels strongly that a uniform and consistent name would be the preferred outcome.

  1. What would residents and businesses need to do if the name is changed?

Once the city notifies the agency of a street name change, the USPS’s Address Management Systems department enters the new address and ties it to the old address in their database. All addresses on the street will see a change in the street name, but the numerical part of the address will stay the same.

Mail addressed to the old address will be automatically sent to the new address. Customers do not need to submit any forms to the USPS and will incur no financial charges for the change. While USPS provides a guarantee for mail forwarding for 18 months after the name change, in most cases, after the 18-month period, the local postmaster will continue to deliver mail that uses the old address. It is important to note that ZIP+4 will not change. If the ZIP+4 is correct on the address label, then the mail will be delivered regardless of what street name is on the item.

The name change will be reflected in the Address Management Systems for major delivery services such as FedEx and UPS.

The City will notify the local utility companies, all City of Philadelphia Departments, County Government, local utility companies, U.S. Postal Service, residents and property owners of the street name change and the effective date set by Philadelphia City Council in the resolution changing the street name.

Residents will not need to change their property deeds because they are tracked by legal descriptions, not addresses.

Individual property owners must notify all other parties. Parties to notify may include the Department of Motor Vehicles, Pennsylvania Voter Registration, Social Security Administration, banks and credit card companies, insurance providers, and any others that regularly send mail to the previous address.  The Pennsylvania DMV is requiring new “REAL ID” cards by May 2023, meaning that all residents will need to update their ID cards in the near future regardless.  The Rename Taney Coalition is looking to obtain fee waivers on license update fees for Taney Street residents.

Mobile applications such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Mapquest, etc. (and the applications that use them) gather data from multiple sources, including local governments. To assist in a smooth transition, we ask that the City of Philadelphia notify the major mapping firms as soon as possible after a name change. Name changes are common throughout the United States, and these applications make routine updates on a regular basis.

  1. Where can I send comments or suggestions?  Where do I sign up for updates?

The volunteer coalition will continue to actively communicate further information and circulate additional engagement opportunities on the email list and through community group newsletters.  Anyone interested in receiving this information directly can sign up for the email list at www.renametaney.com.  Any additional questions or feedback should be provided via email to info@renametaney.com or by voice message at (215) 948-2613.