Our City, Our Streets, Our Choice:
Virtual Town Hall

December 14, 2020 @ 7:30pm

 If we had the opportunity to update the name of Taney Street, what kind of legacy would you want the new street name to reflect? Let’s discuss what the street means to you and what values you’d want to broadcast with its name.

This town hall will be a place to work from and to work together.

If you RSVP’d please check your email today for log in instructions

**Important: This first town hall currently has space for 90 participants. Once we reach the 90th RSVP, each additional resident that RSVPs will be invited to a repeat town hall event at a different time. We must ensure the quality of the conversation. This town hall will use a small group facilitated format, and will be inclusive.**

We also encourage all residents and neighbors of Taney Street to complete this community survey. Having your voice heard will take less than 2 minutes of your time.



June – August 2020

  • Petition signatories list grew to over 2,700
  • Press published on local effort to rename Taney St. (Inquirer, CBS News)
  • Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, Councilmember Darrell Clarke, and Mayor Kenney all made public statements supporting the community’s goal to rename Taney Street.
  • Gained the support of registered community organizations: Fitler Square Neighborhood Association, Center City Residents Association, South of South Neighborhood Association, as well as Gray’s Ferry community organizers
  • Working group made of community orgs met with Councilmember Johnson’s staff 5 times to define a mutually agreed upon community engagement process

September – October 2020

  • Working group applied for grant funding and fundraised to support the community engagement process
  • Working group partnered with stakeholder engagement firm Connect the Dots to design a robust community engagement process

November – December 2020

  • Digital design and production of outreach materials (doorhangers, community survey, website)
  • Conducted outreach to community organizations, and trained community discussion facilitators
  • Volunteers distributed doorhangers to affected households on (or within 2 blocks of) Taney St.

December 2020

  • Community Survey – launched Dec 8
  • Initial virtual town hall: “Our City, Our Streets, Our Choice”- Dec 14
  • Writing DRAFT report from the virtual town hall – Dec 15-?

January 2021

  • Working group and City Council staff will evaluate town hall feedback and survey data
  • Share results with the community electronically, and determine what next steps the community identified need to be taken

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Are you a community organization, small business, or nonprofit and want to officially sign onto RENAME TANEY STREET? Send an email to info@renametaney.com and we will add your logo

This coalition has been organized by www.fitlersquareneighbors.org